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Schilerol 8,5% Vol. 1l

Schilerol 8,5% Vol. 1l

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For all those who are looking for a natural, sparkling aperitif, Schilerol is just the right thing! Armand Machater created Schilerol out of the desire to be able to offer a regional and natural alternative to the aperitivo spiced drinks in his own wine tavern. True to the motto: Why import industrial products when you live and work in the wine region yourself? For over a year he tried out different mixing ratios and ingredients and noted down the feedback from family and close friends - until there was nothing left to improve. As the popularity and demand grew, the logical next step was to offer Schilerol for sale outside the Buschenschank. Rosé wine, various herbs and spices, syrups and lots of love - that's Schilerol! Artificial preservatives and additives do not come here into the bottle, Schilerol refreshes completely naturally. Natural & sparkling Schilerol consists of rosé wine, refined with various syrups and herbs.Tasting notes:What clearly distinguishes Schilerol from other sprayed drinks of this kind is the absence of artificial additives and preservatives. Schilerol is an all around natural product that can be drunk in numerous variations, from aperitivo to long drink. residual sugar: 13 g/l. Acidity: 8.5 g/l. The Schilerol is delivered pure in the bottle and must still be mixed in the ratio: 1:1.5 Schilerol:Soda. Add ice cubes, lemon slices and mint leaves; voilà a perfect Schirol!
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